Emails: Create, Login, Manage, Redirect & Forwards

How to reach the Email Account Manager?

1. Goto your hosting control panel
2. A small window will open “connect to <your-domain-name-here>,
3. Put in the alloted username and password and click ok option
4. click on the “Mail” icon and it will come to mail manager main menu

How to create a mail id from the Email Account Manager?

1. Goto to mail manager main menu.
2. select the option Add/Remove/Manage Accounts
3. put in the mail id you wish example : <the id you need>@ <your-domain-name-here>
4. Allot quota as per availability in the hosting space and password you like.
5. click on the link at bottom saying [ Add Account ]

Why is the username coming as info+my-domain-name and not info@my-domain-name ?

This is a custom set method of display from the server itself.
Although you are seeing the + sign but in actual practice email id will be like info@my-domain-name only.

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