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Previously I used to have a website, I still have the data (webpages) with me. Can you help me to register a domain and hosting etc. What will be the cost per year?

If you already have the content, we can get you a domain name of your choice and also hosting. There will be no extra charge. Kindly checkout our hosting section for more details.

If I host with you, Do i have to upload the content? 
If you want to manage your site yourself, you can upload the content
yourself using web based control panel and/of FTP address. We can also
upload the ready content if you wish.

I want a slide show of my products so nobody can copy my images? can you help me out?
We can definately help you out in creating a slide show as you have
mentioned. There will be no-right click copy and neither the
images+description can be saved using file save as.

I want .net domain + 250 mb web space(win/linux) ? plz let me know the
price of the complete hosting package?

.net domain will be charged equal to .com price.
For exact hosting charges, please contact us.

i want to buy the domain, but i already have web space with other seller and one domain name which i am not using. can i attach that webspace from old domain to the new one which i will purchase from you 

Its nice to hear from you about your interest in buying a product from newfunda.With regards to your query about hosting space, you cannot use two different hosting space accounts on a domain as its related to shared name-server pair which can be only one/from one server.

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