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Akola City 

 Akola is a municipal corporation and important Historical, Cultural, Political, Religious, Industrial and Agricultural city in the state of Maharashtra located in the Vidarbha region in central India, According to Wikipedia.org. 

 Akola city is located around 600 km east of the capital city of Maharashtra state, Mumbai (former "Bombay") and 250 km west from the city of Nagpur. Akola is the headquarters of Akola District located in Amravati Division. Akola district forms the central part of Amravati division, which corresponds to the former British Raj province of Berar. 

  The district of Akola comprise of talukas namely Akot, Telhara, Akola, Balapur, Patur, Barshitakli and Murtajapur. Akola is divided into regions like Akot, Balapur, Murtajapur, Man, Narnala, Hiwarkhed, Telhara, Patsul, Andura, Lakhpuri, Barsi Takli, Wadegaon. 

 Akola District has an area of around 54.31 square kilometres and population of 1,629,305 (2001 census). Marathi is the most popularly spoken language, though English and Hindi are also widely used. Akola District is bounded on the north and to the east by Amravati District, to the south by Washim District, and to the west by Buldhana District.


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